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Home Service Massage
Traditional Thai Massage
Combines compression acupressure and passive stretching. To increase the rang of motion of the joints and muscle.
250 / 1 hr
Relaxing Massage
Boost feeling of relaxation, Ease Stress , anxiety and depression.
250 /1 hr
Reflexology Foot Massage
Ability to stimulate nerves function, Increase energy ,boost circulation.
250 /1hr
Swedish Massage
improve circulation and promote relaxation through soothing muscle.
250 /1 hr
Deep Tissue Massage
Release the tension and tightness, Held deeply the muscle and connective tissue.
250/ 1 Hr
Cupping Therapy
improve blood flow, boost immune function remove toxins and reduce pain.
250/45 min
Office Syndrome Massage
Focus on on upper & lower back, neck ,shoulder , arms. intensive deep pressure to release all tension.
250 / 45 min
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