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Bob's Restaurant Menu
10 Langorstinos
These are 10 prawns
Picante Arroz
This is a spicy plate of rice
Arroz con frijoles
This is a plate of rice with beans that is like no ordinary plate of rice...
Patitas Fritas con Pollo
This is a normal dish that you can get from many stores around here but the chicken, you wont find anywhere
Insipida Pescado
This plate of Tasteless Fish will make you wonder why you spent £5 to buy it.
Dulce Helado
This is no ordinary ice cream it is a sweet ice cream and it also comes with a Flake!!!
This is a 1L bottle of water calling your name to keep you hydrated.
A cup of Coffee is just what you need to start your day with a bunch of Caffeine
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