New menu

bleed line - paper cut line
Deluxe Café Halloween event
Deviled Eggs
hard boiled eggs with mustard inside sprinkled with spices
Witches fingers
Cheesy breadsticks with almonds as fingernails
Dracula‘s treat
A medium rare steak topped with garlic
Eyeball pasta
Ramen with Tomato soup topped with hard boiled eggs as eyeballs
Witches brew
Green veggie smoothie with maple syrup
$ 2.00
Bob“EYE” Tea
Hibiscus tea with boba shaped like eyes
$ 3.99
Pumpkin spice latte
A mocha latte with pumpkin spice flavor
$ 2.99
Zombie brain
A big Jell-O brain filled with cherry juice
Mummy wrap cake
An almond flavored cake with a jelly filling and frosting on the outside
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