bleed line - paper cut line
a Chinese food consisting of a small roll of thin pastry filled with vegetables and sometimes meat, and then fried.
Wonton Soup  
In Cantonese cuisine, shrimp filled wonton within minced pork is most commonly served with thin noodles to make wonton noodles
Sweet Sour Pork
A classic Chinese sweet and sour pork stir-fry recipe made with juicy pieces of pork tenderloin, bell peppers, onion, and pineapple.
Chop Suey         
is a dish in American Chinese cuisine and other forms of overseas Chinese cuisine, consisting of meat (often chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, or pork) and eggs, cooked quickly with vegetables such as bean sprouts, cabbage, and celery and bound in a starch-thickened sauce.
Egg Tart             
egg tart evolved into two types of outer crusts: shortcrust pastry or puff pastry, traditionally made with lard rather than butter or shortening. They are both filled with a rich custard that is much egg and less creamy than English custard tarts
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Yang Chow Fried Rice is the perfect use for day-old rice. Chock full of sausage, shrimp, green peas, eggs, and green onions, it’s a delicious one-pot meal
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