Elle’s Kitchen Regular

bleed line - paper cut line
Combo Meals includes 1 meat + 2 sides + cornbread +delivery = $13.00
Baked Chicken
savory, well-seasoned baked chicken
Fried Chicken Tenders
Crispy, flaky chicken fried with love
Baked, BBQ Ribs
Tender, fall-off-the-bone bbq ribs
Fried Ribs
Ribs fried like never before using Grandma’s recipe
Turkey Wings *
savory, juicy goodness
Patty Melts*
Seasoned burger between two buttered toasts, with cheese and onions
Kids’  meals
Grilled Cheese
Plus choice of chips, fries
2 pc Chicken Tenders
Plus choice of chips, fries
Hot Dogs
Plus choice of chips, fries
Mac N Cheese
1/2 Patty Melt
Plus choice of chips, fries
Macaroni and Cheese
creamy, cheesy, baked homemade macaroni and cheese
Collard Greens
tender, flavorful collard greens
Chicken Dressing
flavorful dressing, served with or without gravy and cranberry sauce
Potato Salad
mouthwatering and delicious potato salad
Candied Yams
yams cooked to perfection with the perfect amount of sweetness
Rice Pudding *
sweet, delectable rice pudding *only available certain days*
Bottled Water
Can Soda
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