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CHEF G's epic food
Pineapple chicken
Chicken slow roasted in pineapple juice and brown sugar.
Louisiana style turkey sausage
That Louisiana Southern twist made into a healthy dish.
Sweet curry chicken
Curry chicken like you've never had it.
Honey glazed pork tenderloin
Pan-seared pork tenderloin glazed in Epic honey pepper sauce.
Epic jerk chicken
Jerk that falls off the bone guaranteed
Country fried steak parmesan
Fried steak cutlets smothered in marinara and parmesan cheese.
Teriyaki garlic noodles
5 small 10 large
Authentic lo mein noodles prepared West Coast Fusion Style.
Mini pizza rolls
7 small 10 large
Soft baked tortilla wrapped in marinara and mozzarella cheese.
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