TASTYK'S Kreations

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Pasta Friday's.......all meals includes homemade butter biscuits or garlic bread.( extras....garlic bread $1.00&biscuit $1.25
▪︎Chicken alfredo 11.00▪︎Shrimp alfredo 13.00▪︎Chicken and shrimp 16.00 ....(add-ons for 2.00 more steamed broccoli&corn on a cob
Fish&Chicken Saturdays
▪︎Fried Chicken dinner 12.00▪︎Grilled Fish dinner 10.00▪︎Fried Fish dinner 11.00(meats are subject to change on Saturdays)
Soul food Sundays...All dinners comes with rice,two sides&cornbread
▪︎Turkey Wing dinner 13.00▪︎Steak dinner 15.00(meats are subject to change on sundays)
Chicken Souse Fri-Sat only
Crossaint Hot Melts..Fri-Sun
▪︎Steak $7.00▪︎Chicken $6.00 ▪︎Deli meats $5.00 Ham,Turkey,Pepperoni(choose up to two deli meats And two Cheese..White&Yellow American,mozzarella&Swiss..Extra meat $2.00 Extra cheese $1.25
▪︎Mac&Cheese $5.00(extra mac w/dinner $2.50
▪︎Baked beans
▪︎String beans
▪︎Collard greens
▪︎Potato salad
▪︎White or yellow rice $2.00▪︎Seafood rice $5.00▪︎ Every last week of the month Pigeon peas&rice $3.50
▪︎Sweet candy yams(every last week of the month)
▪︎Dressing (on every lask week of the month
▪︎Extras w/dinner each wing×1 $1.00 fish×1 $2.00 cornbread muffins×1 $1.00
Fountain drinks
▪︎Pineapple lemonade Small $2.00 Med $ 3.00
▪︎Blue raspberry lemonade Small $2.00 Medium $3.00
Bottled water
▪︎Water $1.00
▪︎Sodas...Sprite,Coca-Cola,Sunkist strawberry $2.00
▪︎Bannana pudding
▪︎Sweet potato pie
▪︎Freshly baked cookies Chocolate chip plane or with pecans 1/2 dozen
$3.00/ $4.50 with pecans
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