Food Fest

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Curry N Dough
Chilli Gobi / Honey Chilli Potatoes / Chilli Paneer
Gobi Chunks in indo chinese spicy sauce /Potato fingers tossed in honey chilli sauce and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds (sweet n spicy) / Cottage cheese chunks in tangy spicy sauce
Rs : 200 ; Rs 200 ; Rs 280
Piri Piri Fish (dry) / Thai Fish cakes (6 pcs)
Boneless chunks of fish tossed in spicy Piri Piri flavour dressing / Thai fish cakes served with Thai sweet chilli sauce
Rs : 380 ; Rs : 450
Piri Piri Paneer / Piri Piri Mushrooms
Cottage Cheese chunks in tangy spicy homemade Piri Piri Sauce / Button Mushrooms fried and tossed in garlic onion Piri Sauce
Paneer Rs ; 300 ; Mushrooms @ 300
Main Course Thai / Asian
Tomyum / Tomkha Soup
Thai Signature Soups
Veg : Rs 280 ; Fish @ 380 ; Prawns @ Rs 475
Thai Stir fried Vegetables / Thai sweet n sour (with pineapple)
Seasonal Veggies stir fried in Thai sauces
Stir fried Rs 280 ; Sweet n Sour Rs 320
Asian Chilli Garlic Fish
Succulent marinated fish fillet tossed in chilli garlic spicy sauce (semi gravy)
Rs 390 (Basa) / Rs 440 (Tilapia)
Thai Green / Red /Panang /yellow/ Massaman curry
The Famous collection of Thai Green and Red Curry (veg/non veg)
Veg : Rs 280 ; Fish Rs 380 ; Prawns :Rs 475
Thai stir fried rice
Fried rice with Veggies
Veg : Rs 180
Authentic Thai Cuisine prepared in Sector A,Pkt B&C with fresh ingredients in extremely hygienic conditions 3-4 hours advance notice please Each dish serves 2 people Call/whatsapp @ 9311766115 to place order
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