World Cup

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Around the world in 3 courses
The World Cup
A truly global event. The World Cup manages to bring together people from all corners of the world, and so we have decided to do the same. Each dish or drink is inspired by one of the seven continents.
Starters - Europe
Some truly wonderful midfield trios have set the tempo for European sides, with the likes of Matuidi, Kante and Pogba and none better than Busquets, Iniesta and Xavi. Setting the tone for us tonight will be an Italian Bruschetta, a Greek hummus and pitta, and a Spanish gambas al ajillo. Talk about a midfield with a bit of everything.
Main - Asia
Asian sides don't often go far at the World Cup but trust me this one's a winner. A Pad Thai is the main course tonight, with chicken or tofu (and eggless)  as a vegan option.
Dessert - North America/Antarctica
Now you're in New Yooooorrrrrrkkkkkk. Concrete jungle wet dream tomatoooooo. That's right, we will be visiting the Big Apple for dessert tonight with a New York Cheesecake and ice cream. or a vegan cheesecake for you Aidan.
Drink 1 - Mojito
Providing us with a  bit of South American twang, we have a crowd favourite, the Mojito.
Drink 2 - Nigerian Chapman aka African Sangria
Trust me. One of these bad boys and you'll be dancing all night long like Roger Milla on the corner flag.
Drink 3 - Kiwi Caipirinha
A mix of Brazilian flair and the strength of the All Blacks. Guaranteed to send you down under.
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