Kalifa Horsford's Table d' Hote menu

bleed line - paper cut line
-Breadfruit Chips with pineapple and habanero dip-
Sliced and  Peeled Breadfruit that is fried in coconut oil. Sauce is made from pineapple purée and homemade habanero pepper sauce.
$ 30.00
-Saltfish Accra with Mango Chutney  -
Saltfish and flour combined and deep fried. Served with a chutney made from mango purée.
- Macaroni Pie with Guava Chicken and roasted sweet peppers -
A casserole made with macaroni, served with fried chicken dipped in guava sauce and garnished with roasted sweet peppers.
- Cou Cou with Callaloo and Stewed Chicken -
Cornmeal simmered in vegetable broth with vegetables inside, served dasheen leaves and chicken made in a stew.
-Coconut sweetbread with honey frosting  -
A decadent sweetbread made of coconut and coated with honey frosting .
- Sorrel sponge cake with ginger-soursop ice cream -
A slice of sponge cake flavoured with sorrel and crowned with a scoop of ginger-soursop ice cream.
$ 40.00
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