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Thai Delicacies
Tom Yum Soup' (spicy)
Signature cusine of Thailand, made with Fresh herbs (galangal,kaffir lime leaves,lemongrass,fresh chillies and lime juice), all these combine to give a healthy dish that will light up your taste buds.
Veg : 250 chicken :300 Fish : 350 Prawns : 450
Tom Kha Soup (chicken/fish/Veg) (mild)
Mild spicy soup prepared in Coconut broth,fresh herbs and veggies. Tastes fantastic either with your choice of protein or simply with seasonal vegetables.
Veg 250 Chicken :300 Fish : 350
Bai Krapow Kai(Thai spicy chicken Basil stir fry) (spicy)
A classic dish and all time favourite , chicken stir fried in thai sauces and fresh red chillies ,beans and Basil.
Chicken : 250
Hot Thai Chicken (medium)
Thai style boneless chicken tossed in stir fry sauce ,Thai chilli paste and sprinkled with Kafir Lime leaves.
Rs 300
Phat Phik kaeng (stir fried chicken in Red curry paste)(mild)
Mild spicy chicken (boneless) prepared in Thai Red curry paste , goes well with plain rice or Thai fried Rice
Rs 300
Thai Sweet n Sour
Made with your choice of protein either Chicken or simply Vegetables (corn , capsicum, cucumber , etc..) with onions and garlic and tossed in the Chef's specially prepared sweet n sour sauce
Veg : 225 Chicken : 275
Stir fried Vegetables
seasonal vegetables stir fried in different sauces (non spicy)
Rs 225
Thai Green Curry (spicy)
A spicy curry made in coconut milk , fresh herbs and green chillies. tastes delicious with chicken/fish or seasonal vegetables for the vegetarian version
Veg : Rs. 250 ; chicken Rs. 280 ; Fish 350
Thai Red Curry (medium)
A curry done in coconut milk ,red curry paste with red chillies , slightly milder than it's cousin Green curry , can be had either with chicken/fish or seasonal veggies for the vegetarian version
Veg : Rs. 250 ; chicken Rs 280 ; Fish Rs. 350
Khowphat (Thai Fried Rice)
Fried rice with onions, garlic , eggs tossed in special sauce with a touch of lemon, chicken/prawns may be added for the non vegetarian version
Veg : 160 , chicken : 190, prawns : 260
Larb (Thai style salad) spicy
A staple dish from North east Thailand prepared mostly with minced chicken and seasoned with fish sauce, chilli flakes,Lime juice, Palm sugar, fresh herbs and toasted rice to give it a crunchy texture
Chicken Rs 220 , Veg Rs 220
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Indo chinese
Chilli Chicken / Fish (spicy)
Diced chicken / fish fried to perfection and tossed in a blend of chilli, sweet and sour sauce made with garlic and onions.
Chicken : Rs 250 , fish : Rs 350
Chilli Gobi dry (spicy)
Hand cut Florets fried in rich batter and tossed in a blend of chilli,sweet and sour sauce made with garlic and onions
Rs 180
Chilli Paneer dry (spicy)
Diced fried Paneer and tossed in blend of sweet, chilli ,sour sauces with garlic,capsicum and onions.
Rs. 240
Honey Chilli Potato (mild)
Potato fingers tossed in honey chilli sauce and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds(sweet n spicy)
Rs. 180
Honey Chilli Chicken (mild)
Diced chicken tossed in a sesame honey chilli sauce (sweet n spicy)
Rs. 250
Paneer Manchurian (semi gravy) mild
Diced cottage cheese tossed in mild sweet n spicy sauce with garlic , capsicum and onions
Rs 250
Chicken Manchurian (semi gravy) mild
Chicken balls tossed in mild sweet n spicy sauce with garlic,capsicum and onions
Rs 270
A La Carte
Island Style Fried Rice
Rice packed with diced ham,sausages ,capsicum, onion,mushrooms, scrambled eggs and Pineapple tossed in a special sauce
Rs. 380 (serves 3-4)
New York styled chicken wings (medium)
chicken wings coated in a vinegar based Cayenne pepper sauce , garlic and melted butter
Rs. 350 (8 pcs)
Thai Chicken Wings (medium)
Thai style chicken wings served with spicy and tangy dipping sauce
Rs 350 (8 pcs)
Vietnamese Caramalized chicken wings
Vietnamese sweet and savory wings coated in caramalized sauce
Rs 350 (8 pcs)
The kitchen will be live from Fri to Sun and food shall be delivered after giving an order 24 hrs in advance , as everything is prepared with fresh ingredients in extremely hygienic conditions. Payment mode: COD,Paytm and Googlepay**** per dish serves 2-3 people.
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