Healthy menu

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Healthy Menu
Mexican Quesadillas
Made with whole wheat tortillas and stuffed with vegetables and cheese.
Cauliflower crust Pizza
Baked cauliflower crust topped with cheese and choice of veggies.
Tofu stuffed cucumber sushi rolls
Stuffed with crispy tofu and veggies, and it is served into colorful pieces of vegetarian sushi, served with almond butter.
Naan with butter paneer
Whole wheat flat bread served with cottage cheese in creamy butter sauce.
Apple Crumble Muffins
Apple crumble is made with roasted oats flour, almonds, jaggery sugar and chocolate chips.
Custard fruits
Custard is made with choice of milk with choice of fruits and topped with ice cream.
Chocolate chia pudding
Creamy pudding made with milk, chia seeds, cocoa powder and maple syrup.
Fig and banana smoothie
300 ml
Banana and figs smoothie is blended with milk and honey
Mango Lassi
300 ml
Mangoes are blended with fresh yogurt.
Hot chocolate
A hot drink with chocolate powder and creamy milk, with choice of whipped cream.
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