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Ebony's Soul Food Catering Price List!
**Service & Delivery Fee $500**
Soul Mac &Chesse
8 chesses with a cheese sauce
Price:$80 Large pan $50 medium pan
Sticky Wings
Crispy fried chicken wing with Mild spice honey sauce (Homemade sauce)
Price:$85 Large Pan$65 Medium Pan
Southern Collard Greens with Turkey Neckbones
Savory Collard greens with onions butter and turkey neck bone.
Price:$80 Large Pan$50 Medium Pan
Honey Corn Bread
Sweet corn bread baked to perfection
Price:$35 Large Pan$25 medium pan
Tuna Macaroni Salad
Price:$80Large Pan$50 Medium Pan
Fried Chicken
Crispy fried chicken seasoned to perfection
Price:$80 Large Pan$65 Medium Pan
Seasoned Rice
House seasoned carolina par-boiled Rice
Price:$80 Large Pan$50 Medium Pan
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